Impeach this Congress

For Immediate Press Release (forward to others)

National Petition calling for the impeachment of targeted problem makers.

Each of the persons listed are the most dangerous and destructive elected members of the U.S. Legislative groups. They have worked against national security, stability of education for the nations students, and the contentiously threaten the economic security of the states-local governments-&-individual citizens. Extra Info:

Each of the following are technically guilty of “Treason, Public Trust Fraud, False Advertising, Theft of Public Finances, Fraudulent use of Public Funds, and violations of Voters Rights, Accessory to Housing Theft, Gross Negligence of elected position duties, and class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871 threats against the President collectively”.

– Impeach these U.S. Senators—
John McCain (AZ), Carl Levin (MI), Alexander Lamar (TN), John Barrasso (WY), John Boozman (AR), Richard Burr (NC), Jim DeMint (SC), Mitch McConnell (KY), Rand Paul (KY), Patrick Tooney (PA).

– Impeach these U.S. House of Representatives—
Jo Bonner (AL), Spencer Baucus (AL), Ed Pastor (AR), Trent Franks (AR), Jeff Flake (AR), Steve Womack (AR), Kevin McCarthy (CA), Ed Royce (CA), Darrell Issa (CA), Brian Bilbray (CA), Mike Rogers (MA), Steve Pearce (NM), Steve Chabot (OH), Jim Jordan (OH), Steve Austria ((OH), John Boehner (OH), Steve Stivers (OH), Steven LaTourette (OH), Tom Cole (OK), Pat Meehan (PN), Tim Scott (SC), Jim Cooper (TN), Stephen Fincher (TN), Kay Granger (TX), Eric Cantor (VA), Frank Wolf (VA), Paul Ryan (WI), Cory Gardner (CO), Richard Nugent (FL), Bill Posey (FL), Ted Deutch (FL), Scott Austin (GA), Phil Gingrey (GA), Donald Mazzullo (IL), Ed Whitfield (KY), Alexander Rodney (LA), Alan Nunnelee (MS), Scott Garrett (NJ), Michael Grinm (NY), Patrick McHenry (NC), Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)
The petition on titled “Impeach This Congress” was created by the author of this blog.

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The Global Situation Ghetto Balance

A ghetto is an area where people from a specific ethnic or religious background are united in a given low condition area, voluntarily or involuntarily, for mild or strict seclusion. .The term now commonly labels any poverty-stricken urban area. Tenements, mobile home parks, farm labor housing, reservation, and low income designated housings indicate the low income areas in every small to large city worldwide. Different names for the same places like barrios, budget trailer parks, etc., are also ghettos. Many decide to live in culturally isolated societies as defensive conditions. Many also choose to remain there or associate with their own group as a part of cultural preservation. “Ghetto” is also used figuratively to indicate geographic areas with a concentration of any type of persons suffering from poverty. The term is also used to describe an item or an action as cheap or flimsy. Some consider this use of language to be an offensive misapplication. 

As perfectly exemplified by the artist known as “Ice Cube”- in many of his videos, the music video “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It“, expresses the deflective blaming attitude of the most lazy of the society, against those they allow to suffer. Gangster Rap artists such as W.C., Mac-10, E-40, and a few others are true life expressing artists. They have often been scapegoated and blamed for the very problems they tell stories of in song. No current music art has as equal amount of social motivation and/or awareness development impacts around the world as Hip Hop. Art tends to be the strongest motivational force among all of humanity for awareness of local to international ills, and creative stimulation to solve personal and social problems.

The term “economically disadvantaged areas” is the new terminology. This disruption of social joy and equality led to the current status of regional underdevelopment common worldwide. This set of facts is also very well displayed in the music video by a group called “The Geto Boy’s” – called “The World is a Ghetto“.

(Excerpt from my book “The Global Situation” )


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MSG (The Legal Poison)

MSG (Passive International Genocide agent #1)
Independent research has identified the following adverse reactions to MSG                         (Monosodium Glutamate)

•    Neurological Damage (enhanced nerve damage with high blood sugar, schizophrenia, attention/learning disorders,  non-psycho based anxiety/panic attacks, lethargy, pre-stroke conditions, psychotic aptitude, etc)
•    Nausea/vomiting
•    Diarrhea
•    Stomach cramps
•    Irritable bowel syndrome
•    Bloating
•    Asthma (some other respiratory disorders)
•    Extreme dryness of the mouth
•    Hives or rash
•    Heart Palpitations
•    Flushing
•    Food Addiction
•    Mouth lesions
•    Deplete Vitamin D, B1, and B6.
•    Cancer/ Tumor growth
•    Hormonal/ sexual orientation development of the fetus                                                    (Natural, but MSG artificially creates fetal neural DNA errors of virtually all types.)

MSG has been shown to cause lesions on the brain, especially in children. These lesions cause cognitive, endocrinological and emotional abnormalities. In children excess glutamate affects the growth cones on neurons. Growth cones are vital in laying down chemical pathways in the brain to enable the brain to operate effectively. Children that have been fed MSG from birth or throughout their childhood show decreased reasoning development, poorer discriminate capacities between stimuli, reduced self-discipline and memory recall abilities, and increased potential for the development of phobia’s, autism, and schizophrenia.

The implications for human children are that MSG seriously affects their cognitive skills and cause learning difficulties.  The ever increasing rise in student discipline disorders and the rise in parents with the same problems can be measured as clear evidence of mass social poisoning. Damage is both instant and long-term accumulative.


The MSG-reaction is a reaction to free glutamic acid that occurs in food as a consequence of manufacture. MSG-sensitive people do not react to protein (which contains bound glutamic acid) or any of the minute amounts of free glutamic acid that might be found in unadulterated, unfermented, food.

These Usually contain MSG
Glutamate                                 Glutamic acid                 Gelatin
Monosodium Glutamate             Calcium caseinate           Textured protein
Monopotassium Glutamate         Sodium caseinate           Yeast nutrient
Yeast extract                             Yeast food                     Autolyzed yeast
Hydrolyzed protein (any protein that is hydrolyzed)
Hydrolyzed corn gluten                Natrium glutamate

These OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing
Carrageenan                             Maltodextrin                            Malt extract
Natural pork flavoring                  Citric acid                               Malt flavoring
Bouillon and Broth                      Natural chicken flavoring         Soy protein isolate
Natural beef flavoring                  Ultra-pasteurized                     Soy sauce
Stock                                        Barley malt                             Soy sauce extract
Whey protein concentrate            Pectin                                  Soy protein
Whey protein                             Protease                               Soy protein concentrate
Whey protein isolate             Protease enzymes                                                                 Anything saying natural flavor/ flavoring(s)                 Seasonings(Unless stating no MSG)

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Improving American K-12 Education (Article)

Better School System

Late in 2010, the “Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development” released its annual Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) study. It is an international comparison of educational performance. One of the areas of the world that education takes top scores in reading (English), writing (English), mathematics, and science, is Shanghai- China. As usual, the so-called sub-Saharan nations of Africa were not listed in the ranking. Overall according to strategies beneficial to the populations of the USA, England, France, and many other nations, they may need to emulate Finland.

The people of Finland creatively and collectively developed what worked in other nations, and crystallized an effective unified educational system that has no difference among socio-economic groups in the nation. Unlike virtually every nation in the world, the students that attend school in poor areas will receive the same education as those in wealthier areas. An added improvement compared against the USA and a few other nations is that Finland does not do Standardized Tests. Those tests have been confirmed to be a major distraction to required learning, and teacher preparation time.

Parents, teachers and students assess progress and effectiveness of schools can be determined through a poll system and results from mid-term and final exams. One method that could be used to determine weaknesses and strengths is short-term sample-based learning tests, instead of the flawed and stupid methodology of believing education should be treated like a game, and segments of it should be rewarded as such. Life, like education is a process and journey, not a game to be won, lost, or set in a competition. The only field of education that competition truly belongs in is through physical education exercises.

Another way that Finland is much better is that they put real time and money into elevating the teaching profession. Parents and politicians logically regard teachers in the same manner they do doctor’s, and the police. In successful nations, the more the schools are encouraged to work in coordination and cooperation, the better the educational system. The schools in the Shanghai area of China also avoid the competitive model of school reform. The low performing schools are paired with and mentored by high performing ones, with the emphasis on sharing techniques that work.

Closing schools and firing teachers is simply not a choice in many places, unless a gross abuse of the position or safety violations are outrageously present. This is a philosophy shared by many of the so-called third world nations. Many teachers just need a few workshops with collaborative time, not a bunch of tests. Many parents and grand-parents may need to be certified as beneficial as well.

Member of the Earth Charter; SGI-USA; Organizing for America; and a key member of the expanding African Heritage Association begun in Ghana. Currently an Educator, Author, and Activist.

This information came from the book “The Global Situation”

If teachers are going to be forced to do re-evaluation tests, every profession in the country should be mandated do one also (policemen, clerks, managers, politicians, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, cooks, etc, etc

The Global Situation Book Cover..

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Healing the Pancreas (Article)

“The Pancreas is one of the essential organs that omnivorous mammals have. The pancreas secretes a substance called insulin, which allows the body cells to process sugars. Medical attention has focused the most attention on other organs like the skin, heart, and the liver. By far, the pancreas is among the organs, which have been given the least amount of attention in regards to food and drink toxicity. Food Coloring, bleached enriched wheat bread, and certain mineral, vitamin, and enzyme deficiencies. (Genetic disposition is due to ancestrally developed dietary requirements)

You may want to think twice before eating your next sandwich on white bread. Studies show that alloxan “the chemical that essentially bleaches flour,” also destroys the beta cells of the pancreas. Beta cells produce insulin, and aid other parts of the body. Is it worth it? Vitamin E helps fight damage caused by the toxin, but not all. How does alloxan cause diabetes? According to Dr. Hari Sharma’s book: Freedom from Disease, the uric acid derivative (Alloxan) initiates free radical damage to DNA in the beta cells of the Pancreas. When these beta cells fail to operate normally, they no longer produce enough insulin. The pancreas can become inactive, causing many cells to die. In other words, it is a cause of type 2 diabetes and other problems. This can happen by itself, or complicated with hydrogenated oils, and/or blood acidifying beverages, sodium nitrite, and the damages they cause throughout the body.

Persons of higher melanin hereditary have greater beta-cell predisposition to injury enforced by some artificial food colorings, and hydrogenated oils. There are no natural creations of type-II diabetes which is the bodies cells lowered, or inability to use insulin. Orthodox (general) medical technicians have been trained to give out short-term masking agents that happen to be poisons like “Metformin.” Metformin is one of the many toxins that the American Medical Association, FDA, and the Pharmaceutical Cartel endorsed as a basic prescription. That drug has many side effects, and one is death. Ionic therapy and other developments that cure, have been suppressed by them. Herbs like sage and fenugreek do the same thing without the negatives like destroying good bacteria, etc.

This is similar to the connection between high-cholesterol foods and heart disease. Eating high-cholesterol foods causes heart disease, especially in people who have family histories of heart disease. In truth, most foods that are in this category, as well as the real culprit is Hydrogenated oil. Don’t be fooled, the word “Partially” is just a mask word that makes it seem less worrisome. The link between alloxan and diabetes is as clear and solid as the link between cholesterol and heart disease.”

Excerpt from the book “The Global Situation”                   (Available as of 1/28/11)

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World Holocausts (Article)

The word “holocaust” has been used so much to describe the damage done to one people of  the earth, that it is usually not identified with others. The definition of a holocaust is a thorough attempt at genocide of any race or cultural group. This has been attempted and/or successfully accomplished against people, and other life forms, all over this world, especially during European expansions of power in the last 400 years. In order to dispel the conception that the word holocaust should be identified with activities during the misinterpreted war called World War II, I must explain comparisons.

The genocidal action against the Jewish people by the Hitler era has is currently known as the most significant episode in recent European History, but not in the rest of the world. For example; it has become traditional to ignore the plight of the Native peoples & deny struggles for empowerment. To this day, the European descendant peoples in control of the societies of the America’s, deny anyone of native heritage to become a representative in the United Nations, etc. The word holocaust is badly associated only with the Nazi’s & Germans in most people educated in Europe and North America.

Hitler and the Nazi Party gained power in Germany in 1933 and lost power in 1945 — only 12 years. Yet, by the end of the Hitler regime, the world had been plunged into a global world war, Europe was in shambles and nearly 30 million died. Among the dead were over six million Jews who were systematically slaughtered for no other reason than that they were Jews. This event has come to be called THE HOLOCAUST. In the view of certain writers, the term “Holocaust” must be reserved for this specific time and set of events. Certainly there have been numerous atrocities against humankind throughout history, horrible cases of genocide directed against innocent people — 38 million Africans died during the 200+ years of the international slave trade, the decimation of over 18 million Native American Indians in North America between 1600 and the 1870’s, due to direct assault, early biological warfare, and corruption of social supports.

The information I gathered generally covers the African Holocaust, Indigenous People’s Holocausts, Polynesian Holocausts, and some Holocausts centered on Religious Groups. The motivations for each were racial, economic, and religious. The instigation of the majority of the problems from genocide, to environmental destruction, to cultural changes leading to self-destruction, has been created by the actions of the people of the European Continent. The basis for the conception of destroying other peoples of the world came from a misfortunate series of events, both natural & ego based, for control of the geo-political arena.

To start, let’s begin with world history from what is called Pre-History in various civilizations. During this period of so called unrecorded history, virtually all peoples in Africa, and the temperate/tropical zone peoples of Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the America’s were advanced in terms of society, way beyond what is currently observed. From this point, I must state a summary of the people’s histories, continent by continent.

Africa contains descendants of the original people of the earth. The holocausts that have occurred first were against African people, by people who came from what is now called the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia), formerly Persia. The conquer of the lands currently called Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and other places, contained the destruction of scores of people, their civilizations, and recording literature. Throughout the centuries of wars from 4500b.c. to today, descendants of brainwashed slaves, offspring from raped slaves, and other prisoners of war, added to gradual progression into central and West Africa. Entire Cities of people were slaughtered. To date, there are many cities in Africa were little or no Africans exist. This process made for the destruction of over 80-million Africans on the continent.

In current West African Areas, the leadership of the townships, Arabized Africans, other Muslim Exploiters, replaced universities such as Timbuktu, and the cities or they misinformed those they did not replace while including threats and promises. From 4500b.c. to the 1400-1500’s, the European Elite had been gaining intentions on controlling Africa. With the advancement of the technologies of weaponry, transportation, home building, and food production, at the same time they were jealous of the profit there past opponents, the Islamic conquerors, were gaining.

All of this was aided by the spread of epidemics from European & their Asian counterparts, and the fact that many African Civilizations were going through golden ages of peace. Within the 1600’s, many Nations of Europe engaged in the creation of what we now call the “Middle Passage”, or the Atlantic Slave Trade (West African Holocaust). In the main 200 years of this holocaust, a measure of 38 million African people were killed either on the continent resistance wars, in transit across the ocean, or during short lives were they were placed. Results of the attacks on the people have left foreign concepts in play across the continent including, customs like female mutilation, paternal superiority, and poor agricultural practices.

The Polynesians (Hawaiians, others) are Holocaust victims tool. European Invaders were responsible for the Polynesian holocausts. Again, not just weapons and alien fighting techniques, but purposeful infection by spreading there own diseases has been a favorite tool of suppression & genocide. In order to attain the Islands of Hawaii, the European invaders used all available tools at their disposal to take the land from its original inhabitants. Today, only fractions of the 1000’s of original inhabitants exist, but are slowly regaining their prominence.

The (Indigenous) Native Americans Peoples of the Caribbean, North, and South America have also endured holocausts. Columbus made four voyages to the continental area called the Americas. Columbus installed himself as Governor of the Caribbean islands, with headquarters on Hispaniola (the large island now shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic). He described the people, the Arawak (called by some as the Tainos., 3-2-03) to his Psychotic counterparts in leadership of Europe, through his reports.

After Columbus had surveyed the Caribbean region, he returned to Spain to prepare his invasion of the Americas. From accounts of his second voyage, we can begin to understand what the New World represented to Columbus and his men – it offered them life without limits, unbridled freedom. Columbus took the title “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” and proceeded to unleash a reign of terror unlike anything seen before or since. When he was finished, “Eight Million” Arawak – virtually the entire native population of the places we call Hispaniola, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, etc., – had been exterminated by torture, murder, forced labor, starvation, disease and despair. “One day, in front of the Mission called Las Casas; the Spanish dismembered, beheaded, and/ or raped 3000 people.” The Spanish cut off the legs of children who ran from them. They poured people full of boiling soap. They made bets as to who, with one sweep of his sword, could cut a person in half. They loosed dogs that ‘devoured an Indian like a hog, at first sight, in less than a moment.’ They used nursing infants for dog food.”

This was not occasional violence – it was a systematic, prolonged campaign of brutality and sadism, a policy of torture, mass murder, slavery and forced labor that continued for CENTURIES. “The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.”

Eventually more than 100 million natives fell under European rule. Their extermination would follow. As the natives died out, slaves brought from Africa replaced them. To make a long story short, Columbus established a pattern that held for five centuries – a “ruthless, angry search for wealth.” “There was no real ending to the conquest of Latin America. It continued in remote forests and on far mountainsides. It is still going on in our day when miners and ranchers invade land belonging to the Amazon Indians and armed thugs occupy Indian villages in the backwoods of Central America.”

In the 1980s, under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, the U.S. government knowingly gave direct aid to genocidal campaigns that murdered tens of thousands Mayan Indian people in Guatemala and others killing indigenous people, including the South African Apartheid regime.

Continuing the gruesome tradition of the 1980s, to terrorize, the U.S. government-funded paramilitaries to mass-murder Indians in Central and South America. The bestial carnage committed by Uncle Sam’s armies includes countless disappearances, epidemic rape, starvation, fatal mutilation, and torture. The U.S. trained, Colombian paramilitaries have even made their own gruesome addition to the usual list of horrors; such as public be-headings.

In the U.S., Indians were defined as subhuman, lower than animals. George Washington compared them to wolves, “beasts of prey” and called for their total destruction. Andrew Jackson (whose portrait appears on the U.S. $20 bill today) in 1814 “Supervised the mutilation of 800 or more Creek Indian corpses – the bodies of men, women and children that [his troops] had massacred – cutting off their noses to count and preserve a record of the dead, slicing long strips of flesh from their bodies to tan and turn into bridle reins.” The policy of extermination (genocide) – grew more insistent as settlers pushed westward: In 1851, the Governor of California officially called for the extermination of the Indians in his state.

(An excerpt from chapter-4 of my book “Knowledge for Tomorrow”)

Book Cover

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